A Hot Saurian Vacation

Finally, after working so hard on the ship this past year, you've been granted a much needed long service leave for vacation. Being out in space for so long can really make you feel isolated. As you exit the ship and set foot on land for the first time in months, you look around in amazement at seeing Sauria for the first time - magnificent temple buildings, lush plants all around and most importantly, dinosaurs everywhere! You've only ever seen one dinosaur before, on a mission a few years back when he temporarily joined your crew. It was incredible to see so many of them now, in all different shapes and sizes.


After dropping off your things at the hotel room, you decide to go for a walk down the road to explore the place. You've been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this and you simply can't wait to see what Sauria has to offer. You head in the general direction of the jungle, as you've never seen one and have always wanted to see how different it is from a typical forest. You notice a sign on the side of the road that says "Zidwco Walking Track 50m uxout/ Jungle Walking Track 50m ahead" and think to yourself, "Perfect!"


As you approach the entrance to the jungle, an Earthwalker dinosaur awaits you. He appears to be the guide for the walking track. "Ah, hello there traveller!! Interested in seeing what the jungle has to offer, eh?" he says cheerfully. 

"Oh, you speak English?" you ask, realising that you had forgotten to turn on your translator. 

"Why yes I do! Not every traveller has a translator, so it's all part of the job. Now, before you head in I have a few things I need to mention," he says as he prepares to recite the same speech he likely gives hundreds of times a day. 


"Firstly, please do not feed any of the wildlife. Our food is not good for them and it can lead to aggressive behaviour towards us." You nod in acknowledgement. 

"Secondly, please do not litter. This is our home and it's appreciated that you do not mess it up for us!" You nod once more. 


"Lastly, there are a number of tracks throughout that are safe to take and most of them are signed, however, you might notice some smaller tracks that lead off the main path. It is strongly recommended to NOT take these paths, as it is very easy to get lost and we may have no chance of finding you." 

"Okay!" you say in agreement, trying to hide the hint of excitement in your eyes. At home, you're quite the hiker. You love trekking through remote areas of the forest, it brings you so much peace. You can never truly relax anywhere else. 

"Righto then, off you go and enjoy your walk!" the Earthwalker says as he notices your eagerness to head in. You thank him and enter the jungle.


About 45 minutes into the walk along the main tracks, you finally notice a small, near-missable dirt pathway leading away from the track. You feel your heart beat a little faster, you simply can't wait to find what's hiding in that dense foliage. What have you been missing out on these past 45 minutes? The forests at home always had clean, safe areas and wildlife around the main paths. When you went off-road, that was when you found all the gems. Some kind of magnificent tree, perhaps a cave or a hidden lagoon, some kind of beautiful birds that do not go anywhere near people so they're never to be seen near the walkways. What would be hiding out here? You take your first step onto the path and smile. This is where you're meant to be.


Barely half an hour passes when already you see a magnificent bird of vibrant colours fly overhead. It's incredible plumage of reds, yellows and greens glides mere meters above you and you stare at it in awe before it goes out of sight into some dense trees. This. This is what you're here for.


Before you know it, another hour passes. You didn't even notice, as you've been so amazed at the jungle around you. Finally though, your legs begin to ache a bit and you decide to take a rest on a beautiful rock. While resting upon it, you notice a small subtle carving on the side - it appears to be a swirl with four triangles around it. The triangles are equally spaced with the flat edge against the swirl and the point turning outwards, almost creating a diamond around the swirl. How old was this carving? There's no signs of civilization out here whatsoever, it must be from some ancient tribe that used to live in the jungle, surely. 


As you observe the strange carving, you suddenly hear a rustle in the trees. You turn around to see quite a large mass of bright blue wizz through the treetops. "Whoa! That bird was huge!" you say out loud, unable to contain yourself. What on earth was that? You simply must know, so you quickly dash after it.


While trying to quietly rush through the trees so as to not spook the bird, you hear what appears to be a womans giggle. That can't be so, can it? "Am I losing my mind out here?" you begin to ponder. "No. Perhaps it is the strange call of that bird?" 


You're not given much longer to think on this as you see another flash of blue above you, only this time you also see what appears to be some white and...gold? You could have sworn you heard the slight jingle of metal, like the sound jewellery makes when moved about. "Some birds have metal links around their legs to tag them before being re-released into the wild, perhaps being such a large bird it had to be a chain?" you think to yourself, trying to make sense of what it is you're seeing and hearing.


You continue to follow the sounds of rustling in the trees ahead of you, filled with determination to find out what on Sauria this creature is. Every now and again you see a flash of blue or white, so you know that you're managing to keep up with it. The jungle begins to get more challenging however, as the trees begin to get bigger, denser and more curved. They wind and bend all over the place and you're finding yourself having to climb over some of them and fight your way through vines and large leaves to get through. You begin to fear that you might lose sight of the animal.


Just then, you hear very clearly now the distinct voice of a woman. "A joo 0eiii~" she says, in a playful-sounding tone. You pause for a moment and it feels like your heart has stopped. You're hearing voices now? Did you scratch your leg on some kind of poisonous plant while out here? Did you fall asleep on that rock and now you're dreaming? There should be nobody out here! The voice came in the direction of the bird...perhaps it is one of those birds who can learn to speak after hearing others talk. There’s many birds back home who have incredible mimicry abilities.


You realise that you are standing still in shock and suddenly move forward to make sure you don't lose the creature. After leaping over a large tree laying across the ground, your foot gets caught on a vine and you fall down. Thankfully a large pile of leaf litter softened the blow, but it still stings. You're so panicked, you can't lose it now when you're so close! 


You then hear the sound of a woman's giggle again and look up in the direction it came from. The sun is glaring down through the trees, making it hard to see. You squint and put a hand to your forehead to shield your eyes and you see...the silhouette of a fox? You squint harder, trying to make it out but suddenly the shape is gone once again. "Semo fcu0 nakx mo!" the voice calls out invitingly. You untangle your foot from the vines and continue to follow the unknown animal.


There’s so many thoughts whirring in your head. Perhaps it is some kind of sentient tree-dwelling animal that has learned to speak through tourists in the jungle? What about the carving on the rock though, could this be someone from a hidden tribe out here? “If that’s the case, I should really be on my guard,” you say to yourself as you realise the potential danger you’ve just put yourself in. This might be the reason that Earthwalker guide warned you against going off-track. You get your pocket knife out just in case. 


You continue on, following the sounds of tree branches rocking and the small giggles and squeaks the creature makes as it makes its way through the jungle. “Xihh0 if!” it calls out, the tone sounding friendly and energetic. 

“I hope I’m not being lured into a trap…” you think as both fear and excitement both fight to take over one another. You’re scared, yet you can’t stop chasing it. 


Finally, you manage to catch a proper look at the creatures tail, about to dash behind a tree some meters ahead of you. It appears to be a large fox tail, but it appears to have some kind of cloth wrapped around it in two places. The cloth did not appear to be bandages for injury but instead for decoration. You know now that you’re not in fact going completely bonkers - this is definitely a sentient being and most certainly not just a big tropical bird.


As you come around the base of the tree which the creature just ran behind, the sound of its movements stop. You look around you with wild eyes, thinking this might be the point where you’ve finally lost track of it. You begin to get a horrible sinking feeling in your stomach as you’re overwhelmed with immediate anxiety and disappointment when from high up above you, you hear another one of those giggles. “If xoho, jacc0!” the fox creature shouts at you.


Looking up, you can see the big bushy tail hanging down from over a large branch about 5 meters up in the tree and what appears to be a beautiful blue and white face of a fox-girl with short blue hair. She’s covered in gold adornments and gems. She smiles down at you, and waves her hand at you as if to ask you to climb the tree to get to her. Your body aches from running through the jungle and tripping over earlier, yet none of that matters to you now. You’ve made it, and she’s inviting you! This is a chance you can not miss, even if it leads to your death.


You put away your pocket knife, reach up and eagerly begin to climb up to her. As you begin to climb, you notice the silhouette of what appears to be some kind of structure several meters up higher in the tree. Is this where she lives? “Wow, is she inviting me into her home? A stranger walking through the forest?” you wonder to yourself. You feel both honored and frightened, unsure what to expect when you finally reach her.


As you begin to get closer to her, you notice she has a humanoid body, just like you. She’s quite scantily clad with a gold and white bra and loincloth that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. You start blushing at the sight of her incredible figure.Then you see it - the spiral and triangle symbol from the rock! It is like a white tattoo in her fur on her upper thigh. So it must have been her that carved the rock…


 After pausing for a moment to gulp down some air and get ahold of yourself, you continue to climb the tree. “Don’t look down...don’t look down….” you keep saying to yourself as you get higher and higher.


Finally you make it to a large branch that is almost at equal height with her, but a little lower. “Nxuk keeb 0ei je cedw?” she says as she cocks her head a little to the side and grins at you cheekily. You stare at her in astonishment and confusion for a moment before realising - doh! Your translator has been off this whole time and you’ve only just recognised that she’s speaking Saurian. You ensure you have your balance on the branch before reaching for the device on your left wrist and turning it on frantically. With a little beep, you hear a robotic voice say “Translator on.” You look back up at her, hoping she’s still there and hasn’t run away again.


You peer at the branch across from you and there she sits, perched on the branch with both feet and hands on the bark, tail swishing below. She raises an eyebrow and smiles at you. “Are you done yet?” she asks with a smirk. You notice how cute and sexy her voice is. You blush even harder than before and your heart begins to race. “I haven’t seen someone like you out here in a long time. Too long. I get pretty bored and lonely out here sometimes...I like when someone exciting and new comes along...like you.” she says, winking as she says the word ‘you.’


The next thing you know, she turns around on the branch and begins to arch her back. Your pupils dilate at the sight of her curves and a flurry of butterflies stirs in your belly. Balancing delicately, she begins to fiddle with her bra. “What are you doing?” you ask, dumbfounded. 

“Oh! So you do speak! I was beginning to wonder…” she says as her bra falls off. It floats down onto a nearby branch below. Her pink nipples almost seem to glow in the sunlight and you can’t take your eyes off of them. A tingling sensation runs through your groin that you can’t control.


She chuckles to herself while looking at you and beginning to undo the latch that is at the side of her loincloth. Your eyes widen and you almost lose your balance from the tree. You can’t believe this is happening. Is she seriously doing what you think she’s doing? Is she really doing this for you]? The tingling in your pants grows stronger and your heart beats even faster, like it’s trying to escape from your chest. The loincloth falls and your heart skips a beat. She lifts her tail up and before you is a wonderfully round, soft-looking backside and perfectly shaped vulva. It’s like a beautiful pink flower, blooming just for you. She looks coyly at you over her shoulder. “Follow me!” she says, eagerness in her voice. 

As she begins to climb further up the tree, you don’t hesitate for a second to follow her. You don’t even care at this point if she’s only taking you up there to kill you, you’d die happy. This is like an incredible dream come true. Your mind has completely switched off all common sense and you climb as fast as you can. It’s still tough to keep up with her, as you’re not terribly experienced with tree climbing.


She comes to a wooden ledge above you and you just see a small flash of pink as she climbs over it. You get goosebumps at the sight. You’ve almost made it, just a few branches more before you get to see the wonders of this mysterious beautys home and find out just what she wants to do with you. You reach for the ledge and manage to drag yourself up with some effort. You’re really quite puffed now after all this and hoping that you can still perform at your best.


Once you gain your footing, you look up to see a magnificent little tree-house. The main door is open, and inside you see the blue vixen lying in a bed of pillows, her legs a little apart. You slowly walk towards her, still in disbelief. You look her up and down, her curves are miraculous. No woman should be allowed to have curves like that, it’s too distracting! “What are you waiting for?” she asks. “Why are you still wearing clothes?”


You come back to reality and begin ripping your clothes off as fast as you can. You can’t wait to touch her, to be with her. You want to feel those curves, touch those breasts, taste that flower. Once all of your clothes are off, you get closer to her. You feel intense desire but also very shy and hesitant. Suddenly, she grabs you and throws you down into the pillows on your back. She sits atop you, straddling you, her groin so close to yours. You begin to think you might explode. Noticing your obvious arousal, she moves back a little so that she can fit her hand between your legs. Your whole body tenses up as she gently caresses and teases all around the area, over your thighs, but never quite touching you where you desperately want her to.


Then, in a graceful motion, she raises up and turns around. You see a big round white and blue set of cheeks and a patch of pink that is getting closer and closer to your face. “Pleasure me” she says with a whimper to her voice. You can see how wet she is for you. She wants you just as badly as you want her. You stick out your tongue and begin to gently lick her. She flinches and lets out a small squeak at the touch of your tongue against her pussy. She brings herself a bit closer to you so that you can lick her harder.


After a moment, she lowers her head. You can feel her breath against your thighs and you shudder with anticipation. It’s hard to focus on pleasuring her when she’s so close to you. Then, you feel it. Her soft, wet tongue slowly and gently begins to lick you. You pause licking her for a moment to let out a moan. Your body squirms a little bit in pleasure. You insert your fingers into her and hear her make a noise of pleasure while she’s still licking you. Gradually, she picks up the pace, licking faster and firmer. She begins to gently suck a little, too. You’re not sure now long you can hold out.


Picking up on this, she stops licking and gets up, motioning you to sit up as well. Swiftly, she gets half on-top of you and wraps her legs around you so that you’re interlocking. The feel of her wet pussy against you is mesmerising. You’re in a daze, a dream, and you don’t want to wake up from this. She begins to rub herself against you, slowly but firmly. You grip her incredible butt to pull her closer and harder. It’s so soft yet firm at the same time. 


She wraps her arms around your middle, pulls you in closer and bites your neck. You let out a small cry of pleasure and pain and grip her ass tighter. Faster and faster she thrusts, she just can’t seem to get enough of you. You match her increasing pace and thrust harder yourself. She then grabs your shoulders and pushes you down. With her being more on top of you now, she’s more in control and gets faster and faster. She’s panting and gasping for air, as are you.


Her eyes close shut and she whispers between breaths “I’m going to-” but she suddenly lets out a scream. You feel the heat rise in you as you begin to explode at the same time as her. Neither of you slow down, in fact she only gets faster and louder, moaning and yelling in pleasure. Suddenly you feel a burst of wetness between your legs as she comes and she begins to shudder as her body stiffens. You keep thrusting while you come, adding to the fluids flowing out of both of you. You cry out as you finish.


Slowly you begin to stop, and she sinks down to lay on top of you. Her sweet breath huffs against your neck, making your hair stand on end. You put your arms around her and hold her close, kissing her shoulder gently. Her soft hair brushes against your face. Together, you lay there a while like this. The world seems to have gone completely silent, it’s like only the two of you exist.


Eventually, she leans back and looks at you with a smile. “My name’s Krystal, by the way.” You giggle as you realise you didn’t even know each others names. You tell her your name and she grins. “That’s a cute name, hehe,” she says as she looks into your eyes. 

“You’re so beautiful,” you say as you observe all the features of her face. She blushes and looks away bashfully for a moment. “I’m so glad I found you,” you add.


“I’m so glad I found YOU!” she squeals, looking back up at you. She nuzzles into your neck and cuddles you close. “Stay here with me?” she asks softly, loneliness in her voice.

“I can stay for three weeks, unfortunately after that I need to get back to the ship and back to work,” you respond to her grimly. She hugs you closer. “Or maybe I’ll just quit my job,” you chuckle. She looks up at you and grins. 


“I’ll never forget this.”

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